Project Proposal

For this project I’d like to look at different aspects of time. The passing of time, different time lines, time travel, the effects that time has on things in the world have all been thing that I often find myself thinking about. I would like to find a way to visually represent these concepts and my views on them. As a filmmaker I would normally tend to stray toward narrative film for this project. Instead I would like to focus more on the single frame and how frames could be manipulated by placing them next to each other. That is why for this my project will be a series of photography wall pieces. They will be in color but digital manipulation of colors and other aspects of the photos will be used. I also want to use different types of mats and frames to better convey my ideas.

I will take most of the images I plan to use for this project. The exception for this may be older photos that I would like to recreate. For the photos I am taking myself I will be going out to find inspiration in the world. I plan on going to different parts of Chicago (including the loop, lake view, uptown) and neighboring suburbs (including Naperville and Evanston). I am also planning on taking some studio time to do arranged shots. A few of these may require models, which have been consulted and have relatively open schedules. The shots that I plan on recreating are photos that my parents and neighbors took when I was younger. I will be taking a trip out to my hometown to acquire these. I will be making weekly “photo walks” in different areas to build images for this project as well as hopefully being in a studio every other week.

I think two weeks of research on this project will be a good start before constructing my own images. This is why for the first couple weeks I also plan on doing the photo walks and also acquiring the images from home. After that I want to continue the weekly photo walks and then get into the studio. At the end I’d like at least a week if not two to construct the final pieces.

I don’t foresee a large cost for this project. The places I do see it being is for the printing of the final pieces. I have set aside a few hundred dollars for it but I don’t think I will be needing most of it.


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