November 12th, project update

I have decided to do a character timeline for the film Looper. The film is about time travel and the effects that it could have on the past, present and future. My favorite part of this film is that they never really explain their theory of time travel. In the universe time travel is possible and that’s all you need to know. This means I get to manipulate the timeline without having to figure out if it fits into their “reality.” I started the process by drafting out a couple of possible ways to map out the timeline.

Version 1

In this first attempt I split the timelines up. In the film there are 3 distinct timeline that Joe, the main character, creates or experiences. I separated each of these and put the Old Joe’s (Joe from the future) impact on each one separately. I don’t think this version really represents how the film flows so I created the second version.

Version 2

In this version I connected all of the timelines together and showed where Old Joe’s impact was as he moved through timelines. This is a better representation of how the film works but it might be visually confusing to people. My next step is to work out how to better visually show the same information on this timeline.


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