November 27th, project update

Over the past few weeks I’ve been nailing down the form that my timeline will take. After a few different ideas about how I wanted it to be laid out I came up with idea of spirals. I wanted to play with the name of the film “Looper” and created a looped timeline.

ImageThis is my sketched draft of what I hope my final project will look like. I determined that I would start in Illustrator and move to Photoshop to fix anything I couldn’t get right in the first program. I started with working on the shape of the timeline itself. So far I have gotten the top line built and the transition between the first and seconds done. I have been having a few issues with areas like Old Joe’s line back through the middle of the timeline but I have an idea of how to fix it once the whole line is constructed. I dropped what I had done into Photoshop and made a quick mock-up of what the final form will look like.


The text used in this draft aren’t the final fonts I want to use but it gives a good idea of placement. Also this is a cropped down version since half the timeline isn’t built yet.


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